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Travel Guide Bangkok

Bangkok is a metropolis that welcomes the bizarre, beautiful, and wacky and thrives on contrasts. Its upbeat character and energetic nature are due to the people's constant rush and bustle. A location unlike any other, rich in culture and offering many joys beyond a plate of Pad Thai. Every time you visit, this city is a must-see and an unforgettable experience. The city has a wide range of appeal, including the relaxed tuk-tuk, market stalls, chic skyscrapers, and delectable cuisine.

Travel Guide Bangkok

With lots of well-known neighborhoods to discover and traditional, top-notch foods to sample. Whatever your reason for visiting, this location offers family time, romance, and adventure.

Nothing less is reasonable to anticipate in a city that is unabashedly soulful.

Travel Guide Bangkok

It is unquestionably a major Asian city, renowned for its vibrant Sois, nightlife, cuisine, and spas. Contrary to popular opinion, this "big smoke" also boasts abundance of greenery nearby for anyone seeking a respite from the din. In addition, Bangkok's views, which provide unparalleled solitude from the concrete jungle, should not be missed. At night, ascend the Sky Bars to be greeted with a glittering city gleaming in its splendor.

There is no disputing that the Land of Smiles will captivate your senses and your heart as it sashays with the sweet, the sour, and everything in between.

Time Zone Bangkok

Travel Guide Bangkok

Indochina Time (ICT)

Best Time to visit Bangkok

Locals (of all ages) excitedly anticipate the Thai Buddhist New Year, also known as "Songkran," all year long. This large city will be closed on April 13 for a three-day holiday. The largest water festival in the history of the planet is then held in the streets by the residents.

Travel Guide Bangkok

Don't forget to bring your best water gun and your brightest floral blouse if the notion of this excites you! Visit the Silom district in Bangkok, where the energy is high, the streets are blocked off, and water buckets line the sidewalks.

Taking the Silom or dark green line of the BTS Skytrain and following the flocks of colorfully printed shirts will bring you there the quickest. You will be welcomed with some friendly, splashin' fun as soon as you leave the station. Avoiding the majority of this country at this time of year is generally a smart idea if getting water poured on you randomly in the street isn't exactly your thing.

Travel Guide Bangkok

Just so you know, it's quite hot right now. In fact, April is recognized for being the hottest month of the year, so if you don't like it hot and muggy, consider traveling during the cooler months.

Bangkok proudly hosts the very laid-back Concert in the Park during the months of January and February. Every Sunday at 5:30 p.m., the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra performs a two-hour program of beautiful Western and Thai musical works. You can count on hearing a lot of well-known classics from popular musicals, movies, and pop band heroes. Take a blanket or folding chairs along with your preferred picnic necessities, just like the locals do. You'll be prepared to unwind and take it all in.

Travel Guide Bangkok

In most of Thailand, including Bangkok, the cooler months are typically from November through February. However, be sure to thoroughly check the weather if you're planning a journey to the islands from the city. While only two of Thailand's three unique climates rule some southern regions, the other two govern some northern parts. It is well known that more rain falls in certain places.

Things to Know about Bangkok - For your Travel Guide Bangkok

With a population of over 10 million, Bangkok is a sizable, vibrant city whose brilliant colors and cool vibes spread throughout more than 50 districts, making it impossible to experience it all in one visit. This city likes an itinerary because there is so much to see and do there. Being willing to veer off the established path and disregard your timetable could pay off in this city that adores wandering feet.

Travel Guide Bangkok

Bangkok's sois (streets/alleys) are renowned for their treasures concealed within. Some have more banners than a pogo stick, so being open to the possibilities may bring about the enchantment you weren't expecting.

Travel Guide Bangkok

If you don't become used to using the BTS Skytrain and the MRT rail lines, your trip will probably be difficult to complete quickly. Particularly during the busiest hours of the day, traffic can be gridlocked. Making your transportation arrangements in advance could be the key to gaining more time in a mind-blowing city.

Anyone who like rich, flavorful meals will find the city to be a foodie paradise. With so many foods to sample, start with these personal favorites to please your palate: Pad Thai, Khao Soi, Som Tam, Laab, Pak Boong, and Penang Curry are some examples of Thai cuisine. There are a ton more where those came from.

Don't be shocked if you fall in love with traditional Thai food because it combines a variety of unusual textures, flavors, and cultural influences.

Travel Guide Bangkok

You can expect to be welcomed with the Wai (palms together at the chest with a slight bow of the head), which the Thai people pride themselves on being respectful and polite. Return the gesture to show your appreciation. It is forbidden to disparage or disrespect the King or any other royal family members. Avoid mentioning his royal highness to prevent any misunderstandings.

Public Transportation Bangkok

Travel Guide Bangkok

Bangkok is awash in transportation options, so picking the best one for your trip is crucial.

Taxis: Bangkok's ubiquitous cabs are available in a variety of quirky hues, giving a wash of blue, orange, pink, green, and yellow to the city's already vibrant and bustling backdrop. Despite the fact that hailing a cab is very simple, depending on the time of day, a 10-minute trip could wind up lasting an hour or more. Almost wherever you go, there is constant traffic, especially during peak hours.

Travel Guide Bangkok

It's also important to keep in mind that, particularly in tourist locations, some drivers may not have the meter on when you get in. Before you get in, make sure to verify and inquire about the "Meter kah/khap?" Typically, a driver will speak to you through the passenger window before opening the doors and inviting you inside. It can go more quickly if maps are open and your address is pinned for quick access.

Paying: A excellent approach to prevent (accidental) shortchanging is to carry loose coins and little bills. Some drivers might say they don't have little coins or bills to pay you back. Rounding up your fare to the closest five or ten baht when you come to pay will also streamline the process for both parties.

Trains: The BTS Skytrain is perhaps the most practical way to get where you're going as quickly as feasible. There are 61 stations spread out over three main lines, and it's expanding daily. Taxis are more expensive than this means of transportation, which also serves all the major Bangkok neighborhoods. The busiest lines for both inhabitants and visitors are Sukhumvit and Silom. You can board this helpful service with the assurance that you'll enjoy the convenience of time, as well as air-conditioned and clean carriages, as waiting periods typically run less than five minutes. Be ready to be 'packed in' at peak hours.

Travel Guide Bangkok

Bring your passport to buy a Rabbit Card for regular Skytrain use, or have cash on hand to buy immediate tickets from the machines. For a single stop, your travel will cost you about $0.45. Take your passport and purchase a rabbit card if you are confident that you will be using the service frequently. You can add more money at any moment after adding $10 to it, which should cover you for some time. The best thing is that it's simple to get your money back after your trip for the cost of the card and any money you didn't use. Simply deliver it back to any Skytrain kiosk.

Bangkok's quick underground rail network is known as the MRT. The MRT, like the Skytrain, has an immediate turnaround and travels throughout a large portion of Bangkok, including the historic districts. Bring cash to buy tokens or cards with. At well-known stations, the MRT and BTS are integrated for seamless city mobility.

Motorbike taxis: A well-liked (and enjoyable) means of transportation for short distances, especially from train terminals. The motorcycles can easily duck and dive their way through the heavy traffic by fitting into the tight spaces of the Soi. Both knowing some fundamental Thai and being able to express your destination are advised. Although it is strongly advisable to carry your own helmet, most will give one if you ask.

Travel Guide Bangkok

Tuk Tuk: In the center of Bangkok, the tuk-tuk is still a dependable method of transportation and a cultural icon. It shouldn't be too tough to flag one down, especially in Siam's touristy areas. The cost of a 10-minute spin could be roughly 300 Thai Baht, though prices will vary greatly. Developing one's bartering abilities could be necessary. Some hotels offer complimentary Tuk-Tuk service to transport visitors to the nearby BTS or MRT station.

Best Hotels Bangkok

All Hotels are Tested and Reviewed by our Team. Lets continue with our Travel Guide Bangkok.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Ancient City Bangkok

Travel Guide Bangkok

The Ancient City is a sizable outdoor museum designed to resemble the layout of the Thai map and is devoted to delivering lifelike, (though lower scale) reconstructions of the nation's oldest and most revered structures. Each site has been faithfully recreated to preserve its original allure and beauty and is geographically located throughout the 320 acres of land. It takes a full day to explore the grounds, so rent a bicycle (or a cart buggy) when you get there. Also, keep an eye out for the buffalos as you go.

You should bring a lot of water and some food with you to this attraction because it can get crowded and really hot there. It is advisable to pick the day from your itinerary that will be the coolest. Take the Sukhumvit BTS line, leave at Kheha station, and then take a cab for the five-minute ride to your destination. For the most recent booking information, visit the website.

The Grand Palace

Travel Guide Bangkok

A number of factors including where you have chosen to stay and how you decide to get there, visiting the palace will likely take you a few hours. Spend 60 to 90 minutes taking in the grounds and beautiful shrines; the Emerald Buddha is a must-see.

It's normally good to show there without making a reservation, but for added security, book one day in advance on the website. Be sure to cover your legs and shoulders at all times. Sarongs are available for hire at the ticket office for a modest cost. There is a 500 baht entry fee and a highly tight dress code. To avoid the heat, go as early as possible.

Discover Cafés in Thonglor- Ekkamai - Must Visit in your Travel Guide Bangkok

Travel Guide Bangkok

It can be just what you're looking for to check out the café culture in Sukhumvit's trendy Thonglor/Ekkamai neighborhoods if you enjoy people watching, good coffee, and a leisurely pace away from crowds. Go to "The Commons," where you may find independent stores, intimate gatherings, and creative workshops, and you'll find Roost Coffee Roaster, known for its superior coffee and welcoming atmosphere. Go across the street to its younger sibling, "Seenspace," where Brave Roasters serves artisan beer in addition to equally outstanding coffee.

While you're in the area, head over to Mocking Tales, a fairy tale cafe where you can fulfill all your sweet tooth fantasies. You'll have a great time with a dressing up box for the youngsters and an Instagram-worthy concept. The Dragon's Fire Breath is a show-stopping dessert, so skip the main course and head straight for those.

You still have some café in you? If so, head over to Ekamai and check out the house-turned-cafe Blue Dye. The proprietor displays and offers for sale both items from his own "(un) Fashion Vintage Collection" and those made by other independent businesses. If you're lucky, you might see a laid-back performance on the terrace.

Chao Phraya River

Travel Guide Bangkok

Get on a pre-arranged boat excursion at night and spend two hours sipping fine wine and dining as you travel up and down the Chao Phraya River. You will enjoy a live band and an 80s/90s disco while viewing the lit sights of Wat Arun and Temple of the Dawn. To enter the line, you must first locate the organization hosting your trip, so arrive early at the ticket counter. If dining on the river is more appealing to you than dining on a boat, check out the riverside eateries for some breathtaking vistas and delectable fare.


Travel Guide Bangkok

All of a shopper's "wishes come true" in one location. This location is an adventurous palace that sits erectly on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, so be prepared to sacrifice a full day. It is a fantastic assortment of broad and different stores spread across seven storeys with a distinctive style. A floating market-themed food court is located on the ground floor; it's a cool location that looks like the river, and the vendors there sell local, fresh food.

Chinatown Bangkok

Travel Guide Bangkok

Market trails, a maze of never-ending alleyways, and a vast network of exquisite street food sellers are all around you. Chinatown is the ideal place for adventurers and foodies to have fun. Take advantage of one of the top street food districts in the world by booking a food tour in advance. You'll learn about the best foods on the menu. Take the tour at night, when tourists and locals are grabbing dinner along the main drag and the tour will be more visually and olfactorily stimulating.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Travel Guide Bangkok

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the best place to find things like apparel, art, antiques, handicrafts, household goods, and souvenirs. This amazing market, which spans 35 acres, contains all the shops, restaurants, and stalls you could possibly need. No other market in Bangkok compares to its famed size and lively atmosphere. You might want to think about visiting Chatuchak, sometimes known as JJ for short, early in the day before it gets too hot because it is primarily an open-air area with minimal covered space. It's imperative to dress comfortably, and to psychologically get yourself for the weekend throng.


Travel Guide Bangkok

Another place to shop where you may easily get lost is MBK. This mall is renowned for its inexpensive stalls and competitive rates, giving it the feel of an indoor market. Nine levels of varied goods, including furniture and Thai souvenirs, are available. Visit one of the many spas for a pampering break from what can be a long day.

Lumphini Park

Travel Guide Bangkok

The largest park in the heart of Bangkok is called Lumphini Park (sometimes spelled Lumpini Park). It features multiple canals and two man-made lakes. The park, which is surrounded by skyscrapers and palm palms, offers a refuge of tranquility in the otherwise busy city. For sports, the park is especially well-liked by the people. One of the most visited tourist destinations in Bangkok is Lumphini Park, which is known for its free-roaming monitor lizard population.

Neighborhoods to Know in Bangkok


Travel Guide Bangkok

A bustling location filled with activities and sights to visit. While Sathorn is situated on the outskirts of Silom and is mostly recognized as the financial area, Silom covers the south side of Lumpini Park and the Chao Phraya River.


Travel Guide Bangkok

The longest avenue in Thailand, Sukhumvit, is surrounded by hip districts, shopping centers, hotels, bars, and restaurants. This bustling neighborhood serves as the primary commercial and entertainment sector in addition to being an excellent transportation hub. Residents of the numerous high-rise condominiums and side street sois include both foreigners and locals.


Travel Guide Bangkok

Bangkok's (the previous capital's) business area of Siam, which is also a transportation and entertainment hub, is the city's focal point. City of Angels is the moniker given to Bangkok by Siam Square. a place full of contrasts, colorful art, and hip hangouts.


Travel Guide Bangkok

Bangkok's oldest district is renowned for blending Chinese and Thai cultures. Known for its vibrant colors, ancient temples, delectable street cuisine, and strolls that give you the impression that you are truly discovering the soul of Bangkok.

Weather in Bangkok

Travel Guide Bangkok

Bangkok is always quite hot and muggy, no matter what time of year it is. You will seldom ever need a jacket in a tropical "year-round" climate, but you could require a poncho.

The milder, less humid months are generally considered to be November through March. Despite that, temperatures can still reach above 32 degrees celsius, especially as April, the hottest month of the year, draws nearer. Bangkok is prone to occasional showers throughout the year, but the rainy season is when you can count on thunderous, stunning storms that will send you scrambling for cover. You can anticipate up to nine to ten hours of daylight each day of the year, with the sun sinking between six and seven o'clock.

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