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Travel Guide Shanghai

There are many things that instantly spring to mind when you think about China, including an old culture rich in beauty and history, enormous cities with tall buildings, and delicious food available everywhere from street vendors to upscale dining establishments. All of these is combined into one bustling city in Shanghai.

Travel Guide Shanghai

Shanghai, which is located on the Yangtze River, is the most populous metropolis in China and one of the world's most populous cities. Shanghai easily wins the title in a nation recognized for its enormous urban areas.

Travel Guide Shanghai

Shanghai, known as the Paris of the East, is made up of both charming neighborhoods that transport visitors to the beautiful streets of Europe and futuristic structures that characterize its skyline, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and its characteristic circular design.

Travel Guide Shanghai

Shanghai has something for everyone, from traditional xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) to Michelin-starred meals, top-floor observation towers to an after-dinner walk along the Bund waterfront.

Time Zone Shanghai

China Standard Time

Best Time to visit Shanghai

Travel Guide Shanghai

Chinese New Year, which often falls around late January or February, is one of the coolest periods to visit Shanghai. With colorful decorations, unique cuisine, and an incredible lantern display, the city comes to life.

Travel Guide Shanghai

Those who enjoy cherry blossoms should visit the city in March to see the blooming. There are several varieties and countless cherry blossoms to see.

Visitors can indulge in traditional mooncakes (usually filled with red bean paste as well as lotus seeds paste) for the Mid-Autumn Festival in September or early October.

Things to Know about Shanghai - Travel Guide Shanghai

Numerous scooters and bicycles are frequently seen speeding across the streets of Shanghai. Although it's a breathtaking sight, pedestrians should exercise additional caution.

Travel Guide Shanghai

While on vacation, it's nice to share photos and Google everything you see, but keep in mind that some websites, like Facebook, are restricted in China. A digital detox, though, isn't always a terrible thing, because using less social media merely means having more time to be present.

Travel Guide Shanghai

In particular when compared to other cities of similar size, Shanghai is a fairly safe metropolis.

Public Transportation Shanghai

Travel Guide Shanghai

Buses: Although there are buses in Shanghai, they are generally more challenging for foreigners and non-Chinese speakers to utilize than the metro.

Taxis: Tourists should only take Shanghai's official, licensed taxis, which use meters to compute fares.Car service: Didi Chuxing is a Chinese company that allows users to order a car via an app on their smartphone.

Travel Guide Shanghai

Trains: There are around a dozen subway lines in Shanghai's metro system. Fares are determined according on distance, and station announcements are broadcast in both English and Chinese. A high-speed Maglev railway connects the city with Shanghai Pudong Airport at a speed of 431 kilometers per hour (or around 267 miles per hour).

Things to Do in Shanghai

Nanjing Road

Travel Guide Shanghai

This is a major shopping boulevard in Shanghai with a pedestrian-only section that connects national and international retailers. Visit the Shanghai First Foodhall while you're there to enjoy some regional cuisine.

Stroll along the Bund - Must do in everyones Travel Guide Shanghai

Travel Guide Shanghai

The Bund, also known as Waitan, is a well-known shoreline on the west bank of the Huangpu River and is viewed as Shanghai's emblem. The Bund Shanghai is a must-see sight because it perfectly captures the charm of Shanghai as a vibrant metropolis fusing a century's worth of history and a burgeoning future.

Visit Pearl Tower

Travel Guide Shanghai

Located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, is the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. It resembles "twin dragons playing with pearls" when surrounded by the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest and the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast. The entire setting is a photographic gem that sparks tourists' imaginations and draws thousands of people every year.

Shanghai Museum

Travel Guide Shanghai

The pre-modern Chinese art that is the emphasis of this free museum, which was first created in 1952, includes bronzes, pottery, calligraphy, jade, and other items. The museum is located in Shanghai's People's Square and features ten permanent galleries in addition to temporary exhibitions and other showrooms.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Travel Guide Shanghai

The highly accurate scale model of the city, which includes all of Shanghai's stunning skyscrapers down to its individual residences, is the centerpiece of this experience. The exhibition center includes a scale model as well as a 150-meter-long underground street known as the "1930 Shanghai-Style Street."

Huaihai Road

Travel Guide Shanghai

With elite retailers like Prada and Tiffany & Co. as well as well-known brands like Levi's, this upscale shopping district has something for everyone. While some shops are situated right on the street, the majority are found inside enormous malls.

Boattour on the Huangpu River

Travel Guide Shanghai

One of the greatest ways to experience Shanghai's Huangpu River and the city's varied architecture as a whole is on a boat. The Huangpu River is a significant landmark in the city. Even though daytime cruises are offered, seeing the city at night with its lights on is a unique experience.

Neighborhoods to Know about Shanghai

People's Square

Travel Guide Shanghai

A a key symbol in the city and home to some of Shanghai's greatest museums and administrative structures. The busy area is located at the start of the well-known shopping district Nanjing Road.

Shanghai French Concession

Travel Guide Shanghai

This area is a leafy place filled with hip bars and eateries that have a romantic atmosphere and provide a respite from the city's high-rises. Due to its former French administration, the region has a French name.

Xintiandi - Must Visit in your Travel Guide Shanghai

Travel Guide Shanghai

A pedestrian-only neighborhood with several cafes and cobblestone streets, Xintiandi is car-free. The surviving ancient shikumen buildings only add to the neighborhood's charming atmosphere. Lets check some more beautiful places in Shanghai in this Travel Guide Shanghai.

Pudong - Perfect Place to visit for your personal Travel Guide Shanghai

Travel Guide Shanghai

Many of Shanghai's most recognizable structures, such as the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, as well as one of the city's main airports, may be found in Pudong, a sizable region east of the Huangpu River. Pudong is home to Century Park, a sizable park in addition to the skyscrapers.


Travel Guide Shanghai

Shanghai's main business district, Xujiahui, is well-known for its humming shopping malls. While the hectic pace might be entertaining, the neighborhood's lush Xujiahui Park provides a little bit of a break.

Weather in Shanghai

Travel Guide Shanghai

There are four seasons in Shanghai: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Shanghai's springtime is typically mild, with average temperature around 15 - 20 degrees celsius.

In Shanghai, summer tends to be the rainiest season because of the high temperatures and frequent downpours.

Travel Guide Shanghai

Autumn is one of the finest seasons to travel because the temperature tends to dip around 15 - 20 degrees celsius and there is significantly less rain in the city.

Shanghai's winters can be a little chilly, with lows around 4 - 8 degrees celsius and even overnight lows around 0 degrees celsius.

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